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Whether you're looking to return to work, change careers, or start a business…your lack of tech & social media skills COULD be holding you back. The Social Media Success Book is 85-pages full of strategies that will bring you up to date, impress employers & clients, AND improve your performance.
Ready to learn the most essential skills you need to catch up on social media right NOW?

This is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever read, because it’s tailored specifically for women returning to work, changing careers, or starting a business in 2021.

This book will help compensate for gaps in your knowledge to make you competitive with other job candidates and business owners.

I want you to take action and pursue your dream job or business.
I want you to do it by leveraging the power of social media.
I want you to embrace the opportunities in front of you, RIGHT NOW!

At just 85 pages long, I've removed the bumf and we get straight to the strategies you actually need.

The information in this book will completely transform your approach to returning to work, changing careers, or starting a business. I've created this book to be bitesized, actionable and fun to read. 
What's Inside:
  • ​What’s actually stopping you from taking control of your future & changing your life (and how to overcome it with the power of YET.)
  • ​How to return to the workforce WITHOUT letting your family, marriage, friends, or leisure time suffer.
  • ​ A breakdown of the Sunflower Effect (aka the most powerful & simple 3-step way to leverage social media and SELL.)
  • ​How I grew my business to six figures with just a few thousand followers (99% of people miss this!)
  • ​How we got half our community to engage with a Facebook post (that took 30 seconds to create!)
  • ​How to use Facebook and Instagram algorithms to your advantage (even when they’re only showing your posts to 3-10% of your audience.)
  • ​How social media savvy are you? Take our quiz (Your results will determine your next course of action.)
  • ​ The most powerful way to advertise in 2021 (that will earn you major sales, find your ideal customers for you, AND measure your ROI.)
  • ​​How long can you wait to respond to comments before it ruins your engagement? (You’ll like this answer!)
  • ​A tailored version of SMART goals that actually works for women with family caretaking responsibilities.
  • ​My 5 top tips for creating social media videos that resonate with your audience.
  • ​The best times to post on social media (AND how often to post - this differs for everyone!)
  • ​ The real reason most companies have poor engagement on social media (and why they’ll tell you social media “doesn’t work.")
  • ​ How to bring success, balance, and happiness to your life (it all starts with this!) 
  • ​How to tell if you have good engagement.
  • ​3 (almost!) painless ways to form habits that support your goals (instead of dragging you down.)
  • ​The 9 pieces of technology you MUST know how to leverage in 2020 (don’t worry - I’ve made this easy!)
  • ​Why using the right hashtags MATTERS (we use “LoveMyTribe” instead of “GirlsNightOut” on our Instagram posts for a reason!)
  • ​ A guided visualisation exercise to determine where you’d like to be in 10 years (and how to get there.)
But This Is About MORE Than Just Social Media...
This book is transformational for ALL women returning to work, changing careers, or starting a business, even if you aren’t seeking out a social media-based job...

Because what comes with learning to professionally leverage social media (even if you don’t become a social media manager) is confidence.

Confidence in yourself as an employee or business owner, a woman, and a provider for yourself or your loved ones.

If you’ve spent the last few years:
  • Raising your children
  • ​Acting as a caretaker for an elderly family member
  • ​Working a low-tech job
  • ​Battling a mental or physical illness
  • ​Sitting on a business idea you haven’t brought yourself to act on’ve probably missed the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with a stimulating job or the thrill you get from launching your dream business.


When many women go to reenter the workforce, change careers, or start their own businesses, they freeze.

They become paralyzed with fear when they think of the other job candidates who are surely more skilled and up-to-date than they are.

They hang up their entrepreneurial dreams after seeing endless intimidatingly successful businesses on social media.

They doubt their own ability to become financially independent after being dependent for so many years.

...And so they’re absolutely AMAZED at the difference a quick refresher on social media can make in their confidence - and resulting career successes.

I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

Social media really is just the beginning!
"Not only have I used these methods myself to return to work (2x), change careers (10x), and start a business (3x), but I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you do the same."

Joy Foster, Author and Founder of TechPixies
Here's how to get the book...
At only £5.90, Social Media Success is a no-brainer for any woman who is returning to work, changing careers, or starting a business, even if you aren’t seeking out a social media-based job.

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You'll be able to access it anywhere, immediately, whenever you want without having to lug around a hard copy or wait on the mail.

I'm so confident that you're going to love it (like the 100s of others who have left 5 star reviews after downloading the book), I'm giving you a 14-day money back guarantee.

Yes, I guarantee you'll love this book, or I'll return your £5.90 - and let you keep the book anyway.

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Grab your instant-access copy of 'Social Media Success' now for just £5.90!
Frequently Asked Questions:
How long is the book?
The book is 85-pages long.

Is this a physical book?
No, this is a digital book that can be downloaded to any device, and/or printed at home for convenience.

Is this book suitable for beginners?
Yes, my strategies work, no matter if you feel like a tech dinosaur, or you’ve been in the social media game for a while (and still feel like an imposter!)

How much does the book cost?
The amazing book is ONLY £5.90.

Can this book help me improve my work prospects?
Sure! Not only will you be refreshing your social media and technology skills to give you a leg up on the competition, but it’ll give you the confidence boost you need to pursue your dream job or dream business and plant the seeds to becoming financially independent.

What if I change my mind?
If you don't like the book, let me know and I'll refund your £5.90 immediately.* You don’t even need to send the book back.
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